July 18, 2024

Unique Tile Installations

green bathroom design
Cate Black

“Creative tile installations will be a mainstay in 2024 as consumers aim to infuse more character into their homes. For bathrooms in particular, we love the impact of creating stripes through vertically stacked tiles in alternating colors. A basketweave pattern, as seen in our East Austin remodel, is another fun way to add interest. To achieve this look, alternate between two, three or four vertical stacked tiles and the same number of horizontal stacked tiles.” — Audrey Scheck, Audrey Scheck Design


Pattern Play in Small Spaces

wallpaper bathroom
Marc Mauldin Photography

“This colorful, botanical wallpaper from Walls Republic provides unexpected cheer and a burst of energy to the small bathroom that greets guests warmly while keeping the owner’s imagination flowing daily.” — Amber Guyton, founder of Blessed Little Bungalow


Striking Vanity Mirrors

statement mirrors bathroom trends
Kieran Reeves Photography

“Don’t let the small footprint of a powder room keep you from making a big impact. Instead, I love to go bold and incorporate a statement mirror to anchor the space. Look for unique silhouettes or interesting materials that command attention.” — Ashley Ferguson of Ashley Ferguson Interiors

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Separate Sinks

bathroom decor ideas

“If space allows, ditch the long double vanity and separate the sinks for a total personal space experience. I love the idea of a bathtub between the two, but a tree or vintage coat rack makes for a more interesting bathroom installation.” — Raili Clasen, interior designer and author of Surf Style at Home



a large bathtub in a bathroom
Sam Frost

“I’m looking forward to incorporating more fixtures with curvature this year. They not only add a contemporary feel to the room, but also create the illusion of a spa-like bathroom, providing a sense of relaxation anyone would want.” — Lindye Galloway, chief creative officer of Lindye Galloway Studio + Shop


Steam Showers

steam shower
Photo: Mark Verschelden; Design: Wendy Glaister Interiors; Construction: Adkins Construction

“Consumers are placing increasing priority on products and design that focus on health and wellness. There’s increased interest in spa-like amenities in bathrooms, including steam showers and saunas. Steam showers have been at the top of the list as science has shown they may contribute to allergy relief, lower blood pressure and better sleep.” — Wendy Glaister, interior designer and allied member of ASID

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Moody Powder Rooms

moody bathroom with green walls and marble sink
Sam Frost Studio

“The powder room is the jewel box of the house and a space to have a little fun and be bold. Here, Lone Park Roman Clay by Portola Paints adds an extra depth to the room and plays with the reflection of the light in the space. We like when the powder room serves as a little surprise for guests as they experience the home.” — Brittany Zwickl, partner and principal designer for Studio Life/Style


Geometric Patterns

bathroom decor ideas
Kara Mercer

“We’re seeing a surge in the popularity of patterns in both flooring and wall designs. The focus isn’t necessarily on colorful pattern designs but on the tile arrangements. Think geometric patterns such as chevron, basketweave and herringbone layouts taking center stage.” — Jessica Dorling, owner and principal designer of Dorling Design Studio


Backlit Mirrors

a bathroom with a large mirror
Photo: Dustin Halleck; Design: DGI Design x Build

“A step past a simple pair of sconces flanking the mirror, 2024 is exploring options of backlit mirrors and wall washing with integrated ceiling lighting, which adds a minimalist edge to the bathroom.” — Peak Petersen, interior design principal at Hoedemaker Pfeiffer

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Playful Wallpaper

a bathroom with a large mirror and wallpaper
Ye Rin Mok

“Bathrooms are the perfect place to go a bit over the top and showcase your personality by using wallpaper as your hero piece. There is so much fabulous paper in the marketplace that there’s truly something for everyone — from small, classic prints to exotic toiles and florals to mural-like papers similar to what we used here.” — Betsy Burnham, founder and principal of Burnham Design


Plaster Shower Walls

a white room with a black table and a plant on a black table
Lauren Taylor

“We’re seeing less tile in the shower and more of the plastered look. If Europeans use plaster for their bathrooms and showers without tile, then we’re going to see more of that catching on as people don’t want to deal with cleaning grout.” — Linda Hayslett, founder of LH.Designs


Natural Materials

natural materials marble, wood, ceramic
Kirsten Francis

Natural materials, like marble, wood, ceramic and clay, are becoming more prominent in bathrooms. They infuse any space with richness and warmth.” — Molly Torres Portnof, founder of DATE Interiors

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Dramatic Wet Walls

bathroom trends 2024
Lam Photography

“Spa-like bathrooms continue to dominate in 2024, but we’ll see drama added in the form of wet walls — entire walls covered in tile or mosaic instead of sheetrock or millwork. Not only do they instantly elevate a bathroom design, they’re also functional — bathing kids or fur-babies with a wet wall surround makes clean-up a lot easier.” — Jeanne Barber, founder of Camden Grace Interiors


Textured Stone

bathroom trends 2024

“The trend of bold, veiny stone accents stays strong. Often, we see people wanting to keep their millwork simple, with a feature element of colorful stone that adds visual texture to the space.” — Philip Consalvo, principal at PJCArchitecture

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Alyssa Gautieri (she/her) is the associate lifestyle editor for Good Housekeeping, where she covers all things home and interior design. Prior to joining GH in 2022, she wrote for publications including ELLE Decor, Chairish, BobVila.com, Unique Homes Magazine and LODGING Magazine, in addition to crafting product copy for home brands like BrylaneHome and VIGO Industries.


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