July 18, 2024
Backyard Discovery Verona Bamboo Cabana

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Hot tub privacy ideas like this bamboo cabana offer both a shaded solution and an entertainment space. Two sides of the cedar and steel cabana are covered with durable composite panels for more intimacy, while the other sides are open to accommodate a hot tub or fire pit. An inflatable hot tub is ideal for this outdoor setting.

Patio Store Faux Ivy Privacy Screen

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It might seem simple, but a faux-ivy privacy screen is a wonderful way to add a little coverage to your outdoor oasis. Furthermore, this artificial hedge comes with a mesh backing for more windscreen protection. The leaves are attached to snap-on panels that mount easily to any fence or structure. The realistic artificial leaves also come in a variety of sizes and colors. Relax in your own vicinity with these home spa ideas.

What to Consider with Hot Tub Privacy Ideas

  • Safety: “The top concern for any solution should always be safety,” insists Holley. “You don’t want anything with electricity running through it accidentally falling into the water.” It’s also important that anything standing up can be firmly affixed to the ground, a wall or even tied down. “You don’t want strong winds turning your loose property into a ballistic missile,” he jokes.
  • Available space: “You need enough space to move around the outside of the hot tub and to open up and move your cover,” shares Holley. It’s also essential, he says, to create enough room to easily access important maintenance panels so you can remove them in case of an emergency.
  • Local regulations: “If you live in a neighborhood with an HOA, be sure and check your governing documents because it’s likely that there’s going to be some kind of architectural committee which will have some say over what your structural elements can look like,” notes Holley.
  • Weather: If you decide to add planter beds for privacy, be sure to consider the species you’re installing and which seasons they will be full or in bloom, advises Holley. “For example, if it’s a tree or bush that isn’t evergreen, you’ll find yourself with little-to-no privacy during the cold months,” he explains.

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How We Found the Best Hot Tub Privacy Ideas

We researched various options for every budget and space size to find the best hot tub privacy ideas. We considered factors such as aesthetic appeal, functionality and ease of installation. We also consulted an outdoor design pro to gather expert insights and innovative ideas to ensure a comprehensive selection. Additionally, we analyzed customer reviews to understand each option’s practical benefits and potential drawbacks.


How much clearance do you need around a hot tub?

“You want to ensure you can remove your maintenance panels and access the self-contained equipment, which operates the hot tub,” says Holley. “Sometimes, all of it is located in one single location on one side, but in some cases, there might be components in a couple of different locations underneath.” Additionally, he notes that you’ll want to give yourself enough space to open and move your hot tub cover easily.

How far should a hot tub be from the house?

“Your city likely has adopted a set of codes that dictate how far they want your hot tub to be. And don’t be surprised if they kindly request that it sit anywhere between five and eight feet away,” he shares. If there aren’t any building codes or local regulations, Holley says you’ll want to place the tub far enough away from your home so that in case it overflows or the self-contained equipment somehow catches on fire, these problems aren’t close enough to affect the house.

What’s the cheapest hot tub privacy idea?

I think the easiest method of adding privacy is the most cost-effective. Simply place the hot tub in a spot where you already have at least some existing privacy, like on an existing covered patio or in a corner where two walls or a fence meet. Any way that you can start with one or more sides already blocked off will give you a head start and make your job easier. After that, I would suggest using shade umbrellas or even decorative, free-standing screen walls or panels.


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