May 22, 2024

Dezeen School Shows: a women-only gym that uses virtual reality to create a unique workout experience is included in Dezeen’s latest school show by students at Ajman University.

Also included is a design for a school that takes cues from the De Stijl movement and a library that departs from conventional library designs.

Institution: Ajman University
School: College of Architecture, Art and Design – Interior Design department
Course: Interior Design Graduation Project I and II
Tutors: Dr Naglaa Mahmoud, Dina Ibrahim and Dr Gamal El Samanoudy

School statement:

“The Graduation Project in Interior Design is an integral part of the Interior Design programme at Ajman University, UAE, allowing students to engage in complex interior design projects that demand creativity, innovation and practical application of their accumulated knowledge and skills.

“In this course, students embark on a journey to tackle intricate spatial configurations, such as multi-functional spaces, open-plan layouts, or the adaptive reuse of existing buildings – all thoughtfully selected during the initial phases of the programme’s design process.

“Throughout the course, students will explore functional and aesthetic mastery, focus on a user-centric approach, develop contextual awareness and emphasize sustainability and ethics in their designs.

“They also enhance their real-world preparedness, presentation skills and conceptual sketching abilities, culminating in comprehensive project development.

“The graduation project equips students with the skills, knowledge and confidence needed to thrive in the dynamic world of interior design.”

Renderings of university interiorsRenderings of university interiors

Natural Connection by Yasmeen Mohammed

“In today’s fast-paced and interconnected world, universities must play a pivotal role in shaping not only student’s academic future but also their personal growth and mental wellbeing.

“One of the inherent complexities of this project was designing specialised spaces tailored for designers, ensuring an environment that fosters creativity and innovation while also serving educational needs.

“This project involves a concept design that weaves biophilic elements into a university’s interior to augment students’ creativity, productivity and engagement.

“Drawing inspiration from the five senses, biophilic design principles are skillfully integrated into the space, combining nature-inspired motifs, optimal natural lighting, ergonomic furnishings and eco-friendly building materials.

“The space is divided into two zones with 11 diverse limits to cater to distinct requirements, while the first zone is intricately crafted to amplify creativity, the latter is meticulously structured to fortify educational pursuits.”

Student: Yasmeen Mohammed
Tutors: Dr Naglaa Mahmoud and Omnia Altemnah
Email: yassiesmz[at]

Renderings of yacht interiorsRenderings of yacht interiors

The Fingerprint by Joudi Mohammad

“Designing interiors for boats requires a meticulous approach, considering the unique challenges posed by the aquatic environment while ensuring functionality and aesthetics.

“Within this realm, the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) countries have unveiled a groundbreaking vision with the Arabian Gulf Research and Innovation Centre. Accessible by boat, this state-of-the-art facility is poised to be a beacon of innovation and sustainable design.

“Nestled within the heart of the Arabian Gulf, the interiors of this floating marvel have been thoughtfully planned. Above and below the sea’s surface, the layout encompasses dynamic research labs, comfortable bedrooms for scientists, a refreshing seawater pool, an aquatic garden library and a state-of-the-art auditorium.

“These spaces have been designed for functionality and to provide users with an immersive experience of the surrounding marine environment.”

Student: Joudi Mohammad
Tutors: Dr Naglaa Mahmoud and Omnia Altemnah
Email: joudymohammad10[at]

Renderings of youth centre interiorsRenderings of youth centre interiors

Youth Centre by Zulaikha Thasnim

“The morph is an interior design proposal for a youth centre in UAE – it is designed to act as a one-stop place for the youth to feel accomplished and find direction in life.

“The centre provides spaces and activities to cater to the different needs of youth development and considers nurturing both their emotional and physical wellbeing, which is the base for positive improvement in young people.

“The centre also provides spaces equipped with skill developmental activities and a platform for youth to collaborate, collaborate and form startup ideas.

“The concept of metamorphosis is used to convey this ideology in the interior space as the development process of young people is comparable to that of stages of metamorphosis – not physically but psychologically – like a butterfly being nurtured in its cocoon to support its growth until it can finally fly.”

Student: Zulaikha Thasnim
Tutors: Dr Naglaa Mahmoud and Omnia Altemnah
Email: zulaikha.thasnim[at]

Renderings of women's centre interiorsRenderings of women's centre interiors

The Power Within Her by Tasneem Fadi

“The Power Within Her is an ambitious project that aims to address the lack of proper recognition of women’s capabilities and potential in fashion design. Situated in a suburban villa, this establishment champions the art of fashion and serves as a beacon of empowerment for women.

“As a pushback against societal norms that often undervalue female prowess, this feminist-centric initiative offers women an invaluable chance to hone their skills in a supportive environment and earn a Certificate in Fashion Design.

“Structurally, the project transforms a two-story residential villa into an expansive hub for fashion creativity and learning.

“The Power Within Her stands as a testament to the indomitable spirit of women, seamlessly integrating education with fashion in a setting that resonates with style and purpose.”

Student: Tasneem Fadi
Tutors: Dr Naglaa Mahmoud and Omnia Altemnah
Email: tasneem20021[at]

Renderings of restaurant interiorsRenderings of restaurant interiors

Zìrán – Dine à La Chinese by Rana Hakim

“Ziran is an avant-garde Chinese restaurant that masterfully intertwines natural and technological design elements. It showcases renowned forests from China in an unparalleled and innovative manner.

“At the heart of this project is the belief that no matter how advanced we become technologically, there’s a sophisticated way to indulge in nature and encapsulate the world in a singular space using cutting-edge methods.

“The intricate design considerations of Ziran revolve around representing Chinese culture with elegance and simplicity. Through the use of interconnected LED screens, the ambience transitions seamlessly between various scenes.

“Trees are strategically placed, while mirrors augment the spatial perception, giving patrons the sensation of being enveloped by an expansive forest. This is accentuated by a soaring ceiling, heightening the feeling of being amidst a vast Chinese forest.”

Student: Rana Hakim
Tutors: Dr Naglaa Mahmoud and Omnia Altemnah
Email: rana.hakim2[at]

Renderings of sport centre interiorsRenderings of sport centre interiors

Public and Active Centre by Merna Yehya

“The club is considered one of the ultimate destinations, comprising a variety of recreational sport and active facilities, designed and dedicated for adults and children, where health and recreation are perfectly intertwined.

“Located in a prime spot overlooking the Arabian Gulf clubhouse compound, the public clubhouse aims to provide a safe and social place where women, men, youth and teenagers from diverse backgrounds can visit and experience a joyful and interactive environment, playing sports and having some activities or any similar purposes.

“Visitors are encouraged to be sociable, flexible and healthy – the project supports the idea of openness, athletics, activeness and communication.”

Student: Merna Yehya
Tutors: Dr Gamal El Samanoudy and Sohaila Nasr
Email: mernashaheen24[at]

Drawings and renderings of photography schoolDrawings and renderings of photography school

Photography Studio by Thuraya Mustafa

“This photography studio is dedicated to filming events and special occasions and acts as a hub for collaboration, hosting workshops that target hobbyists.

“The project comprises different photo studios, all using various types of technology and equipment and all with their own unique design.

“The overall design is informed by the anatomy of a camera – lenses, sensor, shutters, etc.

“Together, these elements make up the basic components of any camera – without it, it would be impossible to take pictures or function, like interior spaces will not succeed without proper distribution and division.”

Student: Thuraya Mustafa
Tutors: Dr Gamal El Samanoudy and Sohaila Nasr
Email: thuraya1mustafa[at]

Renderings of mental wellness facility interiorsRenderings of mental wellness facility interiors

Me Space by Lujein Adel Zaino

“The project’s core aim is to instil hope for a brighter life by combining the principles of interior design and psychology. It emphasises the importance of healing our minds amid life’s stressors and seeks to broaden our understanding of psychology and mental health.

“The project envisions fostering an environment where individuals can seek help without stigma or guilt, using interior design as a powerful tool.

“The project endeavours to enhance cognitive resilience and wellbeing through this concept, enabling individuals to cultivate positivity in challenging situations.

“Guided by the philosophy of enhancing the quality of life and productivity, the project focuses on creating an adaptable and secure interior environment, where smart design principles work hand in hand with psychological well-being, ultimately defining the centre’s mission.”

Student: Lujein Adel Zaino
Tutors: Dr Naglaa Mahmoud and Omnia Altemnah
Email: lujeinzaino[at]

Renderings of school interiorsRenderings of school interiors

A kindergartner, Not a usual one by Elie Boutros

“In this kindergarten design, the role of interior design transcends mere aesthetics – it manifests as a complex interplay of form, function and educational philosophy.

“The interior’s bold architectural vision, derived from the De Stijl art movement, represents a sophisticated translation of two-dimensional art into a three-dimensional educational experience.

“Each design element, from the strategic placement of furniture to the interactive wall treatments, the deliberate colour schemes, and the carefully chosen lighting fixtures, is a testament to the complexity of creating a space that is both a learning environment and an immersive piece of livable art.

“The design intricately weaves De Stijl’s distinctive geometric abstraction and primary colours into the fabric of the kindergarten’s environment, underscoring the complexity of interior design as a tool for cognitive and creative stimulation.”

Student: Elie Boutros
Tutors: Dr Naglaa Mahmoud and Omnia Altemnah
Email: elieboutros4[at]

Visualisation showing a circular room with a sculptural central sculptureVisualisation showing a circular room with a sculptural central sculpture

Sharjah Public Library by Heba Dwiek

“This library combines human nature, different beliefs, knowledge and diverse backgrounds to create a unified, rigid base that will be reflected and integrated through all design spaces.

“For the reception and lobby, the focus is on visitors’ social lives and physical activities, using lighting as a therapeutic tool in a modern combination of daylight and controlled artificial lighting – light tubes are incorporated into a large spiral steel structure to bring light from skylights into the central core.

“In addition to that, there are irregular wooden pods for different purposes, along with bookshelves.

“In the children’s area, the main focus was to improve the connection between kids in the library and get them to read, experience new things, and use most of their senses in learning, as well as making them more confident.

“In the reading area, it is essential to have a quiet space for reading and an inspiring design that can function for an extended period of time

“The concept aims to create a space that challenges traditional library concepts, inspiring individuals to break barriers and achieve their dreams, leveraging libraries’ wisdom and power to create a generation with ambition and a sky is the limit but more, and all starts with a book.”

Student: Heba Dwiek
Tutors: Dina Ibrahim And Akram Azmy
Email: hebadweik2001[at]

Visualisations showing a dark gym interiorVisualisations showing a dark gym interior

Ladies Fitness Club by Mai Tarek

“The project is about a ladies fitness club, which shows an attractive space with a simple design that offers high-quality activities and services, supporting women to have a pleasant and comfortable fitness environment.

“The project is located in Ajman Corniche Residences, a complex of seven interlinked residential towers. The concept is based around the idea of a ‘race against time’, which references the speed of technology toward creating a great future.

“Virtual Reality (VR) can place the user inside a 3D experience that provides an immersive unique workout.”

Student: Mai Tarek
Tutors: Dina Ibrahim and Akram Azmy
Email: maitarek15lo[at]

Partnership content

This school show is a partnership between Dezeen and Ajman University. Find out more about Dezeen partnership content here.


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