July 18, 2024

Dezeen School Shows: a textile project that uses natural dyes made from wild plants is included in Dezeen’s latest school show by students at University of the Arts London.

Also featured is a video installation that transforms CCTV footage into abstract motion graphics and a jacket created from recycled denim scraps.

Institution: University of the Arts London
School: Chelsea College of Arts
Courses: BA (Hons) Fine Art, BA (Hons) Graphic Design Communication, BA (Hons) Interior Design, BA (Hons) Product and Furniture Design, BA (Hons) Textile Design, MA Curating and Collections, MA Fine Art, MA Textile Design, Graduate Diploma Fine Art, Graduate Diploma Graphic Design, Graduate Diploma Interior Design and Graduate Diploma Textile Design.

School statement:

“Chelsea College of Arts has a reputation for producing some of today’s leading artists and designers. Our students are encouraged to radically engage with contemporary fine art and design practice.

“We offer fine art, design and curating courses, looking at art and design in a social, cultural and political context. We are particularly interested in the effects of globalisation – this could either be on the creative practice itself or its response to it.

“View our recent graduate’s work online: Graduate Showcase. Join our open days to learn more about Chelsea College of Arts and our courses.”

Interior visualisation of a Nigerian artefact museum

Ilé Ayé – a Nigerian Take on Museum Spaces by Joan Eric-Udorie

“Access to history is important for communities as it drives social change – I believe everyone should have access to various objects that speak of the people that came before them.

“To kickstart more conversation around artefact restitution, Ilé Ayé was born. Ilé Ayé means ‘home of life’ in Yoruba, one of the native tongues spoken in Lagos, Nigeria. It is a design that delves into the concept of artefact restitution.

“Influenced by the architectural wonders known as ‘orowa’ dwellings, the design aims to explore how these artefacts can be re-contextualised within a traditional home-like setting, offering a fresh perspective on their domestic qualities.”

Student: Joan Eric-Udorie
Course: BA Interior Design
Email: joaneudorie[at]gmail.com

Board explaining neural activity patterns

Mind in Motion by Aleksandra Mbaike

“Mind in Motion is a project that visualises and maps the neural activity patterns of the human brain during cognitive activities.

“By focusing on contemporary relaxation methods and analysing electroencephalogram (EEG) data, the project aims to uncover the neural mechanisms underlying relaxation and its effects on attention, emotional regulation and overall wellbeing.

“Ultimately, Mind in Motion has the power to enhance our understanding of decompression and inspire advancements in cognitive health.”

Student: Aleksandra Mbaike
Course: BA Graphic Design Communication
Email: mbaike_a[at]hotmail.com

Woven textiles made with dye from wild plants

A Wild Escape: Woven Through Conversations by Pallavi Verma

“The loss of biodiversity is not solely caused by changes in land use but rather stems from our increasing disconnect with the nature that surround us.

“This project aims to reconnect people with the forgotten knowledge of edible wild plants that holds significant value for both us and wildlife.

“Weaving in open public parks with a backstrap loom gave me an opportunity to engage with people in this conversation and share views.

“To give these plants a distinctive presence, I used their natural dyes in the weaving process, thereby creating a unique identity for each plant.”

Student: Pallavi Verma
Course: MA Textile Design
Email: verma.pallavi60[at]gmail.com

Jacket made with scraps of denim

Recycled Denim Puffer Project by Xijun Liao

“The Recycled Denim Puffer Project collects fabric scraps from denim factories, remaking them into puffer fabrics. The core concept of this project is to create a system that reuses denim scraps as often as possible.

“The project’s outcome is a collection of puffer jackets that can be repurposed again due to their fragmented pattern design.

“Unlike other sustainable textile projects, this project expects to develop with iconic fashion influences, making the fashion industry realise that there are more applications for denim in garment design.

“Contact Xijun Liao if you are interested in purchasing garments from the collection.”

Student: Xijun Liao
Course: Graduate Diploma Textile Design
Email: xijunliaoofficial[at]gmail.com

Still cut from a video installation showing abstract motion graphics created from CCTV footage

We’re Obsessed With You by Sean Henderson

“This two-part video installation explores phenomenology in relation to surveillance; specifically CCTV camera footage that is publicly available and streamed on the internet.

“The abstract motion graphics are created from CCTV footage from London, England, and places all across the globe, showing varying degrees of intimacy and invasion.

“I have intentionally created the sounds to reflect the mood and sensibilities of these subjects. The simple shapes and colours represent people – they convey the level of involvement and various emotions within the scenes.”

Student: Sean Henderson
Course: Graduate Diploma Graphic Design
Email: seanandrewhend[at]gmail.com

Visualisation of a community centre

Mudlarking Educational Centre by Bethan Gurney

“The Mudlarking Educational Centre is a community space for sensory learning, playing and discovering.

“With the permanent space being located in the Creekside Discovery Centre in London, England, visitors will be able to get fully immersed in mudlarking activities as well as the clean up walks.

“The initial design idea was focused around the forms and shapes found along the southeast of the Thames river. I started by experimenting with the shapes created by collaging over my own drawing of the river.”

Student: Bethan Gurney
Course: Graduate Diploma Interior Design
Email: bethangurney[at]hotmail.com

Tableware set with dishes in a variety of colours, shapes and textures

Sensorielle by Helia de la Kethulle

“Sensorielle is a seven-piece tableware collection based on the recent findings of a new scientific field called gastrophysics, an interdisciplinary science that studies the factors that influence our multi-sensory experience while tasting food and drink.

“It has been discovered that there is much more interplay between our senses than previously believed to be – Sensorielle uses design as a tool to manifest the findings of gastrophysics.

“The project explores the relationship between our senses and food, focusing on how tableware of various shapes, textures and colours can influence our eating experience.”

Student: Helia de la Kethulle
Course: BA Product and Furniture Design
Email: hdelakethulle[at]gmail.com

Display of woven textiles

Woven Glue by Chuyi Pan

“Woven Glue is a collection of installations created using different weaving techniques.

“The interweaving of threads symbolises connection, serving as a metaphor that encourages the viewer to reconsider their relationship with the environment and the objects around them.

“Through the act of weaving, objects are transformed into artistic expressions. This allows them to regain value and significance in a new context, fostering a sustainable bond between people and their everyday objects.

“This project serves as an invitation to viewers, inspiring them to reassess their relationship with material possessions and discover the inherent beauty and potential that lies within the ordinary.”

Student: Chuyi Pan
Course: BA Textile Design
Email: winnie.yicl[at]outlook.com

Partnership content

This school show is a partnership between Dezeen and University of the Arts London. Find out more about Dezeen partnership content here.


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