June 22, 2024

Break ground with an extensive renovation

One of the less forgiving Libra stereotypes is that they’re indecisive, but that’s not always true! Libras simply like to weigh all options before making a final choice. In fact, as one of the four cardinal signs, Libras are incredible initiators—they just might not act as quickly as some other signs. Liev Schrieber and Hilary Duff are both long-term owners of their homes, and instead of bouncing around, they’ve both undergone extensive remodels to add to and update their spaces for a fresh start. If you’re considering a renovation, start breaking ground during Libra season for some extra support to get things moving.

Pink goes with everything

Are you maxed out on the color pink after the Barbiecore mania of summer 2023? Well, that’s too bad, because pink isn’t going anywhere during feminine and flirty Libra season (you’ll have to wait for dark and mysterious Scorpio season for that). Hilary frequently mentions her love of pink while showing off her Beverly Hills house, but it hardly resembles the Barbie Dreamhouse. Instead, the actress opts for dusty rose tiles in her daughter’s bathroom and a Pepto Bismol–color relief piece by artist Matthew Paladino in her living room. Brighten up your space with some subtle pops of the color that goes with everything.

Harness some balance

Before watching Gwyneth Paltrow’s home tour, I had no idea what Georgian proportions were. After doing some research, I found out that Georgian architecture was popularized in 18th-century England and is defined by even proportions and a symmetrical facade. Represented by the scales, Libras are especially drawn to design styles that hinge on a sense of balance and evenness. The wellness maven’s incorporation of symmetry into her stunning Montecito home gives the whole place a subtly soothing feel (and not just because there’s a full-blown spa). If you’re feeling overwhelmed in your space, see where you can create some visual balance to restore a sense of peace.

Get rowdy in a library study

As an air sign ruled by Venus, Libra gets the benefit of having both beauty and brains. You can often find Libras buried in a good book, ideally in a gorgeous setting. I’d imagine that Libra Dominic West spends plenty of time in the lush library of Glin Castle, the ancestral estate he shares with Taurus wife, Catherine FitzGerald. If you have the extra room, I’d highly suggest following in the couple’s footsteps and outfitting your own library in jewel tones and antique portraits. And since Libras love to entertain, you can’t forget the secret door that leads to a clandestine bar.

Tomato girl summer is a state of mind

Is there anything more glam than jetting off to Italy or Spain for the summer? If you spent the last few months enviously looking at people’s European vacations on Instagram, Libra season is your chance at redemption for tomato girl summer. Plenty of the Libra celebrities have a distinctly Euro or English feel about their homes, from Dominic’s historic Irish castle to Jesse’s Spanish Colonial mansion. There’s something about these styles that feels effortlessly elevated, which is what a Libra is striving for at all times. If you can’t build your own English pub like Dita, you can at least find some Parisian antiques like Gwyneth.

MCM never goes out of style

Back in early 2020, Dakota Johnson went somewhat viral for her quirky home tour and her ultimately false love of limes. What we really should’ve been paying attention to is the actual home, which is a true midcentury-modern dream. Built in 1947, when the style was being developed (and Neptune was in Libra), the actress stayed true to the time period by decorating with light fixtures from 1stDibs and reupholstered vintage couches. Despite the universal love of midcentury modern, the style feels especially Libra with its smooth lines and inability to go out of style. If you’re worried MCM is overdone, this is your note that it’s not—and a gentle push to go pick up a 1960s-inspired record credenza to match Dakota.

Decorate like a curator

Taurus and Libra are the two signs ruled by Venus, but while Taurus is known for appreciating tangible pleasures, Libra opts for the more cerebral pleasures, such as music or art. We all know Serena Williams as one of the greatest athletes of all time, but did you know she’s also an enthusiastic art collector (and an artist) herself? The Libra tennis star eschewed a formal living room in her Miami mansion to create an entryway gallery filled with work by Kaws, Radcliffe, and Bailey; and she incorporated her own paintings as well. Play around with your own pieces and see if you could capture Serena’s DIY curatorial spirit.

Subtly show off your wins

One of the surprising themes among most of the Libra celebrities is that they’re major award winners. There’s Wimbledon plates, NBA championship rings, and an abundance of Tony and SAG statues. Libras like to appear passé about their major accomplishments, but you can tell they also kind of like showing them off. If you’re a Libra, you likely have some trophies of your own, so why not put them on display? You can always store them in the bathroom or nestle them within your bookcase if you want to act cool about it.

Traditional anniversary gifts make the best decor

The traditional wedding anniversary gifts must’ve been thought up by a Libra, the sign that places the utmost importance on a continued harmonious union. Two anniversary gifts have made it into actor Jesse Tyler Ferguson’s home: the third-year gift of a leather-matted photo of his wedding to Virgo Justin Mikita, and the fifth-year gift of a wood-carved insignia for his back door. If you’re searching for an anniversary present for your spouse, why not check out a special print for paper or new luxe bedding for cotton?

Activate staycation mode

Libras can be somewhat transient and aren’t as attached to their home as some other zodiac signs. This likely requires them to stay in a lot of different places, which was the inspiration for Jesse’s New York City apartment. Since he wasn’t living in the space full time, he wanted it to feel like a hotel that happened to be filled with all of his personal belongings. Libras also have a reputation for being slightly superficial, but in the context of a shiny hotel veneer, is that such a bad thing? Consider taking some design queues from Yowie, Ulysses, or any other chic boutique hotels that you’ve recently visited.

Bring the spa home

I’ve seen countless infrared saunas and steam rooms while researching these astrology stories, but I’ve held out on sharing it as a tip because I believed it most fairly belonged to Scorpio, the sign of purging and regeneration. But everything changed after I saw Gwyneth’s jaw-dropping in-home spa. It blew anything I’d previously seen out of the water (or cold plunge). It also clicked for me that Libras would be the sign most likely to utilize this feature in their home. Not only do they love to look their best, but Libra also rules the kidneys, which gets rid of waste in our bodies. Gwyneth isn’t the only spa-enthusiast in the Libra bunch—NBA legend Scottie Pippen also adores a good sweat and steam in his Chicago mansion basement.

Conflict resolution will solve all your design dilemmas

Moving in with someone into a new place can be tough. Both parties have their own ideas of what to buy, where to put it, and how to decorate their new shared home. Libra designer Alexandre de Betak and his Taurus wife, Sofia Sanchez Barrenechea, mention getting into plenty of fights while developing their funky NYC loft. But they’re always able to compromise—one of Libra’s greatest strengths is their ability to find a happy medium that keeps everyone satisfied. Libra season is an incredible time to work on your conflict resolution skills to encourage a serene cohabitation.

Organize for the aesthetics

Similar to Virgo, Libra likes to keep their home looking neat and tidy. But while Virgo is more concerned with a practical organizational system, Libra just wants it to look good! For example, Dita Von Teese organizes her many pairs of shoes by color, creating an additional design dimension to her closet full of gorgeous goods. Try rearranging your bookshelf or closet by color, or grouping similar items together for an organizational system that looks as good as it feels.

Beauty is pain

If watching the Kardashian family for over a decade has taught me anything, it’s that Kim will always suffer for a look. This is a classic Libra trait, and one that fellow beauty queen Dita brings up in the tour of her maximalist English Tudor home in Los Angeles. While many celebrities show off their comfiest cloud couches and reclining movie theater chairs, the burlesque star does the opposite and talks about how there’s nowhere comfortable to sit in the house. Libras don’t mind paying the price for some stunning vintage furniture!


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