April 17, 2024

For most students, spring break is a much-needed respite from classes, homework, and daily routines. Taking a fabulous getaway is awesome. If you don’t have an exciting vacation scheduled? No problem—you can still give your children memorable time off at home by doing a variety of fun spring break activities!

There are the classics, like watching movies or baking cookies, but there are tons of other creative, entertaining, and unique things you can do. We’ve rounded up 47 fun indoor and outdoor spring break activities for kids. There’s guaranteed to be something for every child on the list, whether they’re in preschool, kindergarten, elementary school, or beyond.

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Outdoor Spring Break Activities

Does your child love spending time outside? Take advantage of the warmer weather with these at-home spring break ideas. But we warned: Some of them may require your kid to get a little muddy!

  • Plant an edible garden
  • Go on a nature walk in your backyard or around the block
  • Learn to fly a kite
  • Sleep underneath the stars by camping in the backyard
  • Plan an outdoor scavenger hunt
  • Have a picnic in the park
  • Break out the bonfire pit and make s’mores
  • Decorate the driveway with chalk
  • Shoot hoops or kick a soccer ball
  • Take a bike ride

Indoor Spring Break Activities

If the weather is cold or rainy, simply bring the fun and games inside. These spring break activities will be loads of fun for everyone involved.

  • Build a fort with blankets and pillows
  • Test out a new recipe
  • Make a book report of your child’s favorite story
  • Host a fashion show to mix and match fun outfits
  • Make a movie—develop the characters, story, and script, then film it
  • Practice a new skill, whether it’s making paper airplanes, juggling, or doing magic tricks
  • Research a favorite topic (from airplanes to fairies) and create a report
  • Ponder trivia questions about science, Disney, history, and more
  • Plan an at-home spa day
  • Have a photo shoot throughout the house

Crafty Spring Break Activities

If your kid loves arts and crafts, these spring break ideas will be perfect for them. Grab some supplies and get started!

  • Make a collage with nature (twigs, leaves, flowers, etc.)
  • Make play dough
  • Create collages using bits of paper, buttons, and other crafting materials
  • Make jewelry with beads, string, shells, or clay
  • Whip up some homemade slime
  • Create paper bag puppets—then put on a puppet show for the whole family
  • Build DIY bird feeders to hang in the yard
  • Paint rocks to use as decorative paperweights
  • Make a castle out of a cardboard box
  • Create homemade cards for friends and relatives
  • Get excited about learning with interactive STEM activities
  • Design a time capsule about your family—then bury it in the backyard

Energetic Spring Break Activities

After months of sitting in class, your children are probably full of pent-up energy. Let it loose with these action-packed spring break activities to do at home.

  • Set up an obstacle course (you can do this indoors or outdoors)
  • Throw a dance party with your family’s favorite tunes
  • Learn classic yard games like Red Rover, Hopscotch, or Kick the Can
  • Go bowling outdoors; you simply need some bottles and a ball
  • Try out an online exercise video
  • Bike around the block
  • Host your own family Olympic games in the backyard
  • Play “floor is lava”

Spring Break Ideas for the Entire Family

Parents can get in on the fun, too! These at-home activities involve the entire family, and they’re perfect for bonding with loved ones.

  • Have a family movie night (and don’t forget the popcorn!)
  • Lay out sleeping bags for a living room slumber party
  • Tackle household chores together (washing the car, giving the dog a bath, etc.)
  • Play classic board games like Clue, Sequence, or Monopoly
  • Reminisce by looking at old home videos or photos
  • Make a special dinner together
  • Do a family book club—everyone reads the same book and then discusses it


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