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The Sims 4 Cottage Living: 9 Best Cottagecore Builds

Take a look at all of these great-looking Cottagecore builds to get some inspiration to make your own The Cottage Living expansion pack has been live for a while now. Throughout this time, Simmers have had the opportunity to explore its contents to the fullest extent and create beautiful Cottagecore buildings in The Sims 4.

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If you still haven’t gotten the Cottage Living pack and if you’re on the fence about it, take a look at our Cottage Living Overview. It might just help you make a decision. Although, there are still plenty of things to do if you only own the base game and if this is your first pack, here’s some great lots you should check out, whether you’re looking for inspiration or some builds to download to place in your world, we’ve got some awesome options for you.

9 Full Cottagecore Farmhouse

countryhouse best builds the sims

Although this beautiful farmhouse was built before Cottage Living was released, it still very much fits the Cottagecore vibes. Add a chicken coop or a barn to the build and you’re set. Plus, no Custom Content was used to build it so you don’t have to worry about missing furniture or decorations.

It was built by u/CatSaar on Reddit and shared on the game’s subreddit. It is equally well-decorated indoors and outdoors with a beautiful Cottagecore kitchen. This cute farmhouse is just a delight to inhabit.

8 Skyscraper Farm

Have you ever wanted to have your own farm on top of a skyscraper? Well, now you can. Reddit user u/sleddens has built this beautiful cottage on top of a San Myshuno skyscraper. It has a beautiful pond outside and a chicken coop as well as a barn, it’s a very relaxing atmosphere.

The inside of the house itself is dark and gives off a vintage vibe with candles everywhere and large bookshelves on the walls. It looks like the perfect place for an older couple that just wants to live their retirement years in peace.

7 Hilltop Cottage

This beautiful build was created with an idea in mind: it’s meant for a spellcaster to inhabit, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t move in if your Sims is a regular human.

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This house was created by Reddit user u/tinymyths whose gallery name is SaintRees if you want to download it straight away. Inside, the walls are colorfully decorated with many vintage photographs and paintings – it truly creates a delightful environment and sets just the right Cottagecore vibe. Building a house on a hill is hard enough as it is, as it’s easy to do something wrong and have the entire build come out looking strange, but this fan completely nailed it.

6 Cottagecore Barbie House

This is an original idea for sure – Cottagecore meets Barbie. This skillfully built and decorated tiny home was built by Reddit user u/moviesimmer. It is fully functional with a small bathroom, kitchen, bedroom, and living room. It is perfect for single Sims living a bachelor life or for newlyweds that haven’t started a family yet.

You can place this small house on a larger lot and do with its exterior whatever you please. There is still room for some creativity here if you want to make it yours.

5 Small House With A Shop

What says Cottagecore better than a tiny house with an antique shop attached to it? This is the perfect place to spend your days enjoying the farm life in The Sims, especially if you work from home. It gives the whole experience a more genuine feel.

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You can sell your items online on Plopsy and pretend that you’re selling them out of your at-home shop, these make-believe storylines are what the Sims are all about. Give this one a try, it’s extremely relaxing. It was built by Reddit user u/credcaandreea.

4 18 Culpepper House

Using items from the Cottage Living Expansion pack, Reddit user u/ALiteralTurnip has renovated and redecorated 18 Culpepper House. This house is part of the Spice Market neighborhood in San Myshuno and now this Sims fan has given it a completely new look that suits the Cottagecore aesthetic perfectly.

The clutter is placed in a way that just suits the build and doesn’t make it too overwhelming. If you want to see more of their builds or download this one directly from the gallery, look up user TruffleTrauma.

Unfortunately, the park that was added with Cottage Living is a bit… bland. It’s huge but there is not much to do there, so Reddit user u/AtLeastOneCat created this beautiful community garden with the Cottage Living expansion pack for everyone to enjoy. There’s a café in the middle, lots of benches and places to host a barbecue if you’d like and, of course, gardening spots to improve your skill.

It’s full of greenery and, although it isn’t a house, it truly fits with the aesthetic of this new pack and it’d be a great addition to anyone’s map.

2 Cottage In A Box

The Sims 4 have a building tool that gives you a lot of creative freedom, it is possible to create the craziest builds if you set your mind on it. Reddit user u/MyaSchmya has done just that with this creation that they’ve named Cottage In A Box. It’s an inhabitable house that looks like it’s been shrunk down. It definitely still fits the Cottagecore aesthetic.

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If you’re looking for something totally new this might just be the perfect build for you – give it a try.

1 The Lost Aliens Cottage

Reddit user u/MardyYardy, same gallery ID, has created this lovely and seemingly normal little cottage using the Cottage Living expansion pack. However, if you pay closer attention to it, there’s a secret behind this sweet home. It harbors an Alien that has crash-landed in Henford-On-Bagley.

Play this household if it caught your interest (or even if you think the storyline makes no sense) and help him get back home by living the farm life as he fixes his ship. The attention to detail in this one is exceptionally great and it’s certainly worth downloading.

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