June 22, 2024

It’s time to rethink the focus of our bathrooms. These rooms so often become cluttered zones where we hurridly go through the rigors of our morning routine, but there is so much more potential in these rooms. Shifting the focus of the bathroom, you can turn it into a calming retreat for a bit of restoration and self-care.

Clever design is the best way to turn your bathroom into your very own at-home spa. These changes needn’t be as drastic as to warrant a total redesign and might be as simple as bringing in warming materials, reconsidering the color scheme or even a matter of popping a few plants on your windowsill. I’ve spoken to the designers to find out their favorite modern bathroom ideas for the ultimate calming retreat.

1. Incorporate natural design

A bath tub in a relaxing bathroom

(Image credit: Tom Ferguson Photography. Design: Luke Moloney Architecture)

Nature has the power to calm and soothe us, so embracing natural elements is a great way to create a calming ambiance. ‘Incorporating biophilic elements in a bathroom can create a calming environment by connecting us to nature; that could be windows and skylights to the outdoors or the use of inviting natural materials like stone and wood,’ says Ming Thompson of Atelier Cho Thompson. Foster a soothing vibe with natural bathroom materials like marble, natural gemstone, onyx or limestone (which makes for a great bathroom material alternative to marble if you’re working on a smaller budget).


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