June 25, 2024

Taylor Swift is in her Eras era, and the world is here for it. Whether you’re a die-hard Swiftie or just catch the occasional tune on the radio, you’ve probably heard all about the Eras Tour, along with its fantastical world-building and ambitious set design. The three-hour show takes the audience through an era-by-era recap of Swift’s 17-year musical career, covering all of her albums in a stunning and immersive 44-song performance.

The aesthetics of the Eras Tour—and the albums it spotlights—don’t have to be limited to your playlist though. From the woodsy and whimsical cottagecore-inspired designs of Evermore and Folklore to the vintage aesthetic of 1989, there’s endless decor inspiration to be found in the Eras Tour. “These eras, known for their distinct motifs, can serve as inspiration for personal expression and design trends,” says Danielle DeBoe Harper, the senior creative style manager at Moen.

Here are a few creative ways that you can try Eras Tour–inspired decor in your home, according to design experts.

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Get Inspired By Your Favorite Taylor Swift Era

Take inspiration from your favorite era and bring it to your own home. Whether a particular album has always spoken to you or the trademark style of the era has you head over heels, there are lots of ways to incorporate each T-Swift era into your home decor. Here are a few expert-approved design ideas for some of Swift’s iconic eras, starting with Fearless:

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Fearless is one of Swift’s earliest albums, and the aesthetic reflects her youth and innocence at the time. Ballgowns, sparkles, gold accents, and the number 13 are all motifs of this era. Apply the Fearless look to your home in a sophisticated way by using a neutral color palette and featuring plenty of clean lines and metallic accents, as is common in many modern design styles.


Speak Now

Speak Now (both the original album and the recently released Speak Now (Taylor’s Version) rerecording) featured glamorous looks, reflecting Swift’s foray into more experimental style—both personally and musically. Lean into the glitz of the era with your home decor by using plenty of metallic accents and luxe finishes—think velvet, silk, and marble. When it comes to color, purple defined this era, but experts recommend using it sparingly rather than going for a color-drenched look. Opt for a neutral color palette with pops of purple throughout to keep the space feeling elegant.

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Red is all about vintage aesthetics and—of course—the color red. This era brings classic 1950s style—think bold red lips, high-waisted shorts, stripes, and tea-length swing dresses. Get this look in your home by using pops of bold color and high-contrast patterns, along with a mix of contemporary and antique furnishings, says DeBoe Harper.

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1989 was heavily inspired by the glitzy and glamorous ’80s pop scene, a callback to the decade Swift was born—and the album that cemented her status as a pop icon after her country music start. Draw inspiration from traditional ’70s and ’80s designs to apply this style in your home, and don’t forget to feature some sequins in true T-Swift style!

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Reputation was born out of certain dramas in the singer’s personal and public life, and it features a bold, dramatic, and moody aesthetic. “Channel this era with industrial chic and matte black design influence,” says DeBoe Harper.

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Lover stands in stark contrast to its predecessor Reputation, featuring romantic styles, a focus on self-love, and light pastel shades like yellow, pink, and blue. Apply this era in your home by choosing soft colors, rounded shapes, and cozy accents.


Folklore and Evermore represent Swift’s first forays into music more inspired by the indie and folk genres, and the album aesthetics lend themselves perfectly to design trends like forestcore, cottagecore, and other cozy, nature-inspired styles. Try mushroom motifs, mismatched floral dishware, and lots of plant imagery to channel this look in any space.

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Midnights is Swift’s latest all-new album, featuring a decidedly ’70s glam aesthetic. Channel this era by opting for rich tones, cozy knits, faux fur, and dazzling accents—think a sparkling chandelier or a metallic bar cart with crystal drinkware.

Make It Personal

While the set design, costume changes, and world-building of the Eras tour are certainly impressive, the concept behind the tour itself is arguably the most important part. Rather than focusing on one of Swift’s eras as inspiration for your home decor, Bre Hance, founder and principal designer of LA-based design and build firm InHance, suggests that you draw inspiration from the core concept of the tour and explore your personal eras thematically throughout your home. “This will make your home feel like a tour through your life and bring up the best memories daily,” Hance says.

Think back through your life and the eras that you want to showcase. Did you go through a punk rock or emo phase as a young teen that could translate to high contrast, dramatic, and moody design? Or perhaps you can go even further back to your childhood days when you played make-believe games in the forest with friends, and try a cottagecore style. Maybe you spent years traveling and collecting souvenirs that you can display, or you lived in a foreign country and can infuse that location’s unique style into a room of your home.

Whatever your personal eras may be, think creatively about how you can translate these times in your life to your home’s decor and interior style in a meaningful way—just like Swift has with the Eras tour.


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