May 22, 2024

When embarking on the journey of office renovation, the focus often veers toward interior design, build, layout, and spatial arrangements – and rightfully so. Alongside, decisions regarding open floor plans or cubicles, striking a balance between productivity and creativity, and accommodating hybrid or full-time employees take centre stage. However, amidst these pivotal considerations, the role of colours should not be underestimated. The palette you choose holds the power to either enhance or diminish the impact of your carefully planned design.

Unleash the power of color and transform your office space into a vibrant haven of creativity and productivity.(Unsplash/Smartworks Coworking)
Unleash the power of color and transform your office space into a vibrant haven of creativity and productivity.(Unsplash/Smartworks Coworking)

To ensure your efforts are worthwhile, Sammeer Pakvasa, Managing Director and CEO of Eleganz Interior shared with HT Lifestyle a collection of 11 impeccable colour schemes tailored for your office space. These colour schemes are made to blend in with a variety of office settings, guaranteeing a smooth transition between style and utility. (Also read: Elegant interiors: 5 top winter trends in bedroom design for a dreamy makeover in 2024 )

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Inspiring Colour Schemes to Transform Your Workspace

1. Turquoise and Blue

This colour combination works well for a reception room as it creates a feeling of refreshment and tranquillity. With the addition of turquoise for a refreshing touch and blue for a sense of professionalism and dependability, this colour combination provides a cosy and serene ambience.

2. Orange, Red and White

The encouraging, optimistic, and self-assured nature makes orange and red a perfect fit for energetic, extroverted environments, whereas white makes for a visually clean environment for focused work.

3. Green, Rust and Browns

Introducing green with the shade of brown or rust, whether through art, wall colours, or living plants, provides a direct remedy to the stresses of the modern workplace. It also aligns with biophilic design principles, which stresses the need for nature to come indoors for better productivity.

4. Blue, Brown and Cream White

In the corporate realm, where dependability is paramount, the calming influence of blue excels in crucial meetings, interviews, and engagements within finance- related domains, while cream white and brown, resonate with clarity and spaciousness, creates a visually uncluttered environment conducive to focus.

5. Beige and Deep Red

Emitting warmth and understated elegance, beiges cultivate an inviting atmosphere that encourages calm. Introducing deep red accents adds a dynamic touch, injecting energy and passion into the serene palette.

6. Brown and Dusty Pink

Rooted in the natural world, both brown and dusty pink bring a sense of balance and comfort, embodying stability and security amid the chaos of work demands, making them ideal for salons or spas.

7. Magenta and Beige

Add a pop of magenta to an overall beige palette for creative and vibrant energy, making it an excellent choice for industries that thrive on innovation and originality.


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